About Us

At CruiseOne – AOA,

we offer extensive vacation planning experience for any destination including resorts and cruises. From early planning to last-minute details, we are here to help. We believe everyone should have fun, travel to new places and create unforgettable experiences along the way.

We do this by bringing the best personal service, the greatest offers and the most unique vacation options to the world. We are your best resource, that’s why we are available 24/7.

Traveling with friends, family or planning a corporate event requiring 1, 3, 8, or more staterooms? Call any time, and day. The experience of a lifetime starts here.

So …… Where do YOU wanna go?

Have you experienced these travel dilemmas?

Your flight has been delayed and you’re worried that you won’t make it to your ship on time. Because you booked your cruise online, you stand to lose your money and will have to go through the hassle of planning your cruise all over again.

You booked your cruise online; however, a few days later, you learn that your friend purchased the same cruise but got a better rate…Since your online reservation service doesn’t offer a rate guarantee, you’re stuck with the higher fare.

After doing extensive research online, you book a cruise on a popular cruise line; however, when you board the ship, you realize that you don’t like the accommodations and the cruise itself isn’t what you expected. Your dream vacation turns out to be a disaster.

Personalized Attention

Unfortunately, these are common scenarios that new and experienced cruisers face when booking cruises online. They often forget that one of the greatest benefits of working with a Cruise Specialist is personalized attention. As your Cruise Specialist, I will get to know you so I can direct you to the right cruise line, itinerary, and cabin type for your personality. I will also maintain a profile that will include your frequent flyer information, seating and accommodation preferences, smoking or non-smoking designation and other specifications for a custom-designed trip.

Problem Solver

Planning a land (Hotel) or cruise (Sea) vacation is like creating a picture with different puzzle pieces—there’s a lot to consider. My job is to make sure all the pieces fit. If something goes wrong, I will be your consumer advocate to represent your best interests. In essence, I will work on your behalf to make alternate arrangements and solve problems. For instance, where you will encounter trouble trying to make reservation changes, I can often fix mistakes more easily because of my privileged relationships with various cruise lines. I will also make my recommendations based on passport laws and customs regulations both of which you may not be aware.

Fare Watchdog

I will monitor fares to ensure you are getting the best price. Some cruise lines will issue refunds or offer shipboard credit if the price of your cruise goes down after you’ve booked. As your Cruise Specialist, I will keep you informed of any fare discounts that I’ve negotiated on your behalf.

Expert Recommendations

As an avid world traveler and cruise specialist, I have experienced land and cruise vacation from both ends of the spectrum. I am certified by the Cruise Line International Association (CLIA), the world’s largest trade cruise association and I am backed by CruiseOne, the largest cruise retailer in the US recognized as Partner of the Year by Celebrity Cruises and Agency of the Year by Carnival Cruises. My experience will help you make the most informed decision about your next vacation. With strong cruise industry knowledge and key cruise line relationships in place, I can ensure that you won’t encounter unpleasant surprises along the way. From the initial booking to the conclusion of your cruise, your satisfaction is my primary goal. Don’t risk having a travel nightmare when you’re hundreds of miles from home. Trust me to ease the burden of booking, planning and researching your next cruise. Your dream vacation awaits…just add water!


I can’t afford a Cruise Specialist.
I am compensated on commission by the cruise lines that I book. These fees usually do not affect the reservation fees that you pay and may be lower than prices offered by cruise lines directly in many cases.


I am good at online research so I can get the best price for my cruise by myself.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that the internet is the best place to comparison shop for cruises. While this strategy may work in the retail world, pricing in the travel industry is more heavily influenced by relationships. Because I send business to the cruise lines and work with them closely as I make reservations and requests on behalf of my clients, cruise lines allow me to offer my clients unpublicized deals and upgrades. The result: satisfied customers that will most likely cruise again (a win-win for all involved).

One thing to keep in mind about booking your cruise by yourself is that a cheaper cruise may involve a handful of unforeseen headaches.  For example, you may experience longer waits at the airport and odd travel times that may not fit your preferences. As your Cruise Specialist, I will get you the best value for your budget.