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Vacation A1Technology has advanced so much in recent years that it’s much easier to travel across the world than it used to be.  Perhaps the most convenient piece of technology available to the traveler is the Smartphone.  Nowadays you can use your phone for nearly everything- to access maps, research businesses, translate languages, and find entertainment while waiting in long lines.  Here’s a list of ten different travel apps that you should consider downloading before leaving on your next vacation.

1) GasBuddy- If you are traveling within the United States or Canada and will be driving an automobile, this application is a must.  GasBuddy provides Smartphone users with up-to-date gas prices, tips on how to save gas, and a trip cost calculator.  Best of all, the app will locate the nearest gas stations for you.

2) Hotel Tonight- This money-saving app advertises unsold hotel rooms and offers them at discounts of up to 70%.

3) EmergenSee- Have you ever been in a situation where you sensed danger and wished there was a way to discreetly notify someone with your phone?  This app provides you with the ability to notify loved ones and local authorities even while your phone is in stealth mode.  The app streams live audio and video footage, pinpoints your location with a GPS, tracks real-time movement, and then instantly sends the information to people who can help you.

4) Call A Taxi- Can’t seem to find a taxi to get you where you need to go?  When you click on this app, it instantly finds your current location and sends you a list of the nearest cab companies.  All you have to do is click on the call button next to the one you want.

 5) PressReader- If keeping up with the news while traveling is important to you, then you might want to download this app.  You’ll be granted access to over 2,300 newspapers from over 100 different countries.

6) Tripit- If you have trouble keeping track of reservations, then this is the app for you.  Tripit organizes all of your reservations in one convenient list, including car rentals, hotel bookings, restaurant reservations and more.

7) Viber- This app allows you to call anyone in the world for free, provided the other person has also downloaded Viber.  Users can communicate via texting, calling, and video messaging without having to worry about running up their phone bills with international calls.

8) HiConverter- This app converts currencies, clothing sizes, temperatures and more.

9) Triposo- Instead of carrying a bulky travel guide on your next vacation, download this app.  It provides up-to-date information on any region, including maps, hotels, tours, and entertainment options.

10) Yelp- If you’re looking for honest customer reviews for restaurants near you, this app will provide you with them.  Yelp locates restaurants in the area and then tells you how to contact them, what they charge, and what others are saying about them.

Your Smartphone is your best travel companion, provided you’ve downloaded these great apps.  They’ll help you to stay organized, maintain a budget, and keep prepared for any unexpected situation.  Before you leave on your next vacation, be sure to give them a try- they’ll save you a great deal of trouble in the long run.

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  1. I highly recommend HiConverter for currency. A lot of people think they’re getting good deals when they convert to local currency but don’t realize, value is different- 1 dollar for a coffee in US is good but in Egypt it’s too much. Should be 25 cents!
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