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Vacating BI wanted to plan an awesome cruise vacation, but it was something I’d never done before—and let me tell you, it’s not as easy as I thought it would be! After a while of searching for the perfect cruise with no luck, I contacted my Rotarian friend. Apparently, their Rotary Club has Member Cruises site and members have been using the Travel Agency to plan vacations, and she said members really liked the cruise vacations, the Agency picked for them, so I thought I’d give them a try. Long story short, I’m so glad I did! The cruise was amazing! It had everything I was hoping for—comedy, dancing, and karaoke at night, diving and exploring excursions during the day, and, of course, great food, atmosphere, and cabins.

I have no idea how AOA found the perfect cruise for me. I looked and looked and found nothing, but AOA found the perfect one! It’s probably their vast knowledge of all the different cruise lines and ships within that cruise line, paired with their taking the time to listen to my list of preferences and really trying to understand what I like and was looking for. The price was lower than I expected, and they called me after the cruise to make sure that everything was perfect—and it was. My cruise was amazing, and I would recommend CruiseOne-AOA’s services to anyone!!!

H. Cassandra.

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  1. my friends and I want to go on a trip bferoe college and we want to go somewhere where we’ll have fun and make good memories but still not spend that much moneyp.s. could you give me an estimate of the cost because we’re planning this 3 years ahead of time so we can now how much money to save and makep.s. we want to stay in state and not go to g.a.(thats where i live) and below or around 1000 please(that includes hotel flight and a car)

    Berkay 03/19/2014 at 3:47 am Reply

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