Unusual Restaurants Across the World

Vacation C (2)One of the best parts of traveling is the excuse to frequently eat out at restaurants.  On that note, what if you made an entire vacation out of visiting restaurants across the world?  Here are ten of the strangest and most adventurous restaurants in the world to incorporate into the wackiest vacation of your life.

In North America 

The Exchange Bar and Grill– Located in the city of New York, this restaurant serves delicious American food and ice cold drinks.  What makes this establishment so unique is that its alcohol prices, like the Stock Market, fluctuate based on supply and demand.  This means visitors literally watch the price of their favorite drinks rise and fall depending on how many customers actually buy them.  Customers have the power to jack up the price of any beverage, and occasionally the market will “crash” and beverages will hit rock-bottom.

In Europe

Dans Le Noir?- This restaurant also has locations in France and Russia and capitalizes on one of the latest trends in the food industry- blind dining.  Customers enjoy their meals in total darkness.  This concept is based on the idea that by cutting off one of the five senses, the remaining four- including taste- become stronger. 

Laino Snow Village Ice Restaurant– Located in Finland, this unique restaurant features solid-ice tables and chairs within a natural ice sculpture.  Customers feast on delicious local favorites like reindeer and smoked salmon.  The building is reconstructed every winter towards the end of November. 

Le Refuge des Fondues– This strange restaurant in Paris uses baby bottles to maneuver around the French tax on wine served in glass bottles.  Even if you order non-alcoholic beverages, they too will be served in baby bottles.  Needless to say, this establishment provides a laid-back atmosphere, and guests are welcome to embrace their inner children by writing on the walls.  Fondue is also served.

In Africa 

Pollsmoor Mess– Located at Pollsmoor Maximum Security Prison in South Africa, this restaurant was designed as a rehabilitation program to prepare inmates for the workforce.  Outsiders are welcome to come and be served by actual inmates, who also prepare the food.  The restaurant has even catered to birthday parties and a wedding.  

In Asia 

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant– This aquatic-themed restaurant is located 16 feet below sea level in Conrad Maldives Rangali Island.  Guests are served Maldivian-Western cuisine while they enjoy undersea life from behind glass walls.   

The Clinic– Located in Singapore, this controversial establishment is actually known as a molecular gastronomy restaurant.  Food is prepared in a demo kitchen under the glow of operating room lights as though the staff were performing surgical operations.  Guests are seated in gold-plated wheelchairs and served dishes on stainless steel surgical tables.  

Modern Toilet Restaurant– Customers are seated on toilets at tables made out of bathtubs in this bizarre restaurant.  Located in Taiwan, this establishment serves food like soups and soft-served ice cream in small, pink toilet bowls.  Other decorations include urinal lamps and wall-mounted neon faucets. 

Hajime Restaurant–  Located in Bangkok, Thailand, this restaurant’s wait staff is comprised of several charming, full-sized robots who not only serve customers their food, but also dance for them. 

Alcatraz E.R.– This eating establishment simulates life in a medical prison.  Upon arrival, guests are handcuffed and taken to scary-looking “prison cells,” where they are served beverages in syringes and local food in creepy presentations. 

In Australia

Witches in Britches– This theater restaurant is located in Melbourne and features spooky-themed entertainment, food and dancing.  Ticket prices include a live stage show, a three-course dinner, and a “Dungeon Pit Disco.”

No matter what side of the world you’re on, there’s a strange restaurant for you to experience.  These establishments will provide you with unforgettable photographs for your travel scrapbook, not to mention delicious cuisine and a few laughs.  The next time you travel, be sure to look up some unusual restaurants and maybe even some unconventional attractions in the area for an unforgettable adventure.

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